Rihanna’s Dad Speaks Out, Hasn’t Seen Daughter?

With police still reportedly investigating the matter, Rihanna’s father has broken his silence on the alleged assault on his daughter by musician Chris Brown - only to offer a little more confusion by giving two contradicting interviews from his home in Barbados yesterday.

Talking to Us magazine, Ronald Fenty said, “She’s doing OK. She has support from both sides of the family, and I think she’ll come out and represent women and be a heroine. In the end, she’ll speak out.”


Asked if he had seen his 20-year-old International superstar daughter since the incident, Fenty replied, “No, I haven’t seen her. I haven’t seen her bruises.”

This comes after a People magazine report last night claimed that Fenty saw Rihanna this past Thursday, of which he said, “There is some bruising. She will be all right. I think so.”

Continuing on, Rihanna’s dad offered his feelings towards Brown, 19, saying, “I was really shocked because he’s such a talented person. He’s a little immature, yeah. I hope he learned his lesson and that this will never happen to another women.”

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