Chris Brown Arrested for Attacking Rihanna

Los Angeles, CA – In what has been developing news since early Sunday morning in Los Angeles, Chris Brown has apparently been involved in a scuffle with a female victim who has been identified as Rihanna. Brown was said to have fled the scene, which resulted in a warrant issued for his arrest. He later turned himself in to the authorities late into the evening. He is under investigation for domestic violence felony battery.

Both Rihanna and Chris Brown were set to appear and perform at the Grammy awards later on that day. Apparently the story began around 12:30am early Sunday morning. Witnesses say that Brown was seen arguing in a car with a female passenger when it further escalated. A bystander later called 911 when they were seen arguing outside the car. When the authorities arrived, the female victim was seen with visible injuries on her face; however, Brown was not at the scene but identified him as the suspect. LAPD declined to confirm the identity of the female passenger, but the Los Angeles Times later identified the female passenger as R&B recording artist Rihanna. Sources close to Rihanna are stating that she has pressed charges on Chris Brown.

According to, sources confirmed speculations to them that the whole reason behind the scuffle was Chris Brown accused Rihanna of giving him herpes.

At press time, Brown is held by the LAPD under a $50,000 bond. Representatives for Chris Brown and Rihanna have yet to comment or release an official statement pertaining to the allegations.

Keep posted to for updated news as this situation is in the developing stages.

This is some crazy shit. Rihanna gave Chris Brown herpes and Chris whoops her ass, I guess they ain’t dating anymore, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody dated them ever again. If this is a rumor, then why the hell did Rihanna receive a black eye? It is already obvious that later on today every single media outlet is going to be reporting everywhere. Let’s just wait and see if both sides release a statement to media. Now will this destroy their musical career?

Hip-Hop Shines at the Grammy Awards

Los Angeles, CA – Every year the Grammy committee have always been able to put together an amazing show meshing the most interesting performances. The annual awards show is quite possibly the most watched musical event worldwide as well as the most important for the artists that are nominated and chosen to grace the stage. This year, Hip-Hop definitely made an impression and grand one at that. Performances from the most prominent artists in the game today included T.I., Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne. It was obvious that the Grammy’s put Hip-Hop on a high level with the assistance of live orchestration in the backdrop of all the artists. At the same time, it was also a great turnout, practically more than half the industry was in attendance as well as a plethora of celebrities.

After U2’s spectacular performance, the show opened as Whitney Houston presented the award for Best R&B Album, now what a great reaction and honor that the award went to Jennifer Hudson. After all she went through; it was good to see her win the award for her self-titled debut. Before Hudson was to grace the stage, Justin Timberlake appeared alongside Boyz II Men and the legendary Reverend Al Green to perform a medley of Al's hit songs. When Jennifer Hudson hit the stage, she sang her hit single with a finishing huge uplifting applause. Now it never fails when Jay-Z is in the building that he always graces the stage to make a grand entrance. Hov appeared on stage with Coldplay doing a remix to their one of their songs. Kanye West was also in the building for two performances as his first was hitting the stage with English artist Estelle performing their hit ‘American Boy.’

Quite possibly the highlight of the night was when the ‘Swagger Like Us’ crew put together a fantastic performance for their first live appearance together. A pregnant M.I.A., who was scheduled to give birth that same night, even graced the stage with the phenoms as she provided the infamous chorus line. Kanye commenced the show going into his verse as Jay-Z rocked the crowd providing his infamous verse. Wayne and T.I. finished off the set providing the finishing touches.

Throughout the night artists were receiving awards in all categories. They even paid tribute to the legendary Four Tops with Smokey Robinson, Jamie Foxx, and Ne-Yo performing their hits from the past; that was an amazing performance. The Bankhead resident graced the stage a second time alongside Justin Timberlake to perform the tribute to his fallen brethren Philant Johnson with the track ‘Dead and Gone,’ made famous by the two. The orchestration for the performance added a great rendition to the song, JT was even playing the piano. The big winner of the night next to Coldplay was the unstoppable Lil Wayne. Towards the end of the show, he graced the stage with Robin Thicke to perform his ‘Tie My Hands,’ a song he dedicated to New Orleans and the victims of Hurricane Katrina. To add to his performance an orchestration of trumpets graced the stage personifying the sounds of the New Orleans blues. After the grand performance, Lil Wayne stepped back on stage to receive the award for Best Rap Album for his ‘Tha Carter III,’ which he so rightfully deserves as it was the best album of 2008. Lil Wayne received 2 more Grammy’s for tracks ‘A Milli’ and ‘Lollipop.’ All in the all, time allotted to air the Grammy’s were all covered by live performances, leaving room for only the most important categories to air the nominees and the winner. We await to see what music and the committee have in store for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards.

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