Dancing with the Stars Unveils Season 8 Contestants

It's that time again for D-listers, former C-listers, and other vaguely familiar faces to dance the night away for ABC. Dancing With The Stars is about ready to start Season Eight of its unlike
Dancing with the Stars Unveils Season 8 Contestants
ly run as an ABC hit. For the last week, the latest Dancing With The Stars contestants have been revealed slowly to its fans. Now, the full Dancing With The Stars lineup is ready to be analyzed, as the latest stars once again come from the world of music, sports, movies and more.

Though some names had been leaked earlier this week, the rest of the new Dancing With The Stars contestants were released throughout ABC's Sunday night shows last night. Other contestants will begin to make the rounds on ABC shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Lawrence Taylor is this year's designated Dancing With The Stars star athlete. The former Giants hall of famer tries to follow in the footsteps of former Dancing With The Stars stars Warren Sapp, Emmitt Smith and Jason Taylor. An additional sporting star is 17-year-old gymnast and gold medal winner Shawn Johnson.

Among singers, Lil Kim, Jewel, Chuck Wicks and Belinda Carlisle make up this Dancing With The Stars demographic. Wicks will be paired with his girlfriend, past Dancing With The Stars champion Julianne Hough.

Laughs will presumably come to Dancing With The Stars from David Alan Grier, who just came off delivering the Chocolate News for Comedy Central, and Jackass punching bag Steve-o.

Fans of Dancing With The Stars may be disappointed or overjoyed to know that there will be no elderly contestants this year, depending on their views on Cloris Leachman. The oldest star this season will be 58-year-old Apple co-founder and billionaire Steve Wozniak.

Two sides of the gossip rag coin will be represented on Dancing With The Stars this season. Denise Richards, one of gossip's queen bees, will be on this year, along with gossip anchor Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood.

Rounding out the Dancing With The Stars crew is rodeo cowboy Ty Murray, husband of Jewel, and actor Gilles Marini from the Sex and the City movie.

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