Sarah Jessica Parker: Sensible Shopper

Sarah Jessica Parker: Sensible Shopper
Making sure to stay on top of her motherly duties, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted tending to her young son on what was a wet, chilly first day of December in New York City.
With James Wilkie Broderick following along, the mother/son duo hurried on over to school in the West Village before the “Sex and the City” actress said her goodbyes for the day.
Meanwhile, SJP recently talked to press about her personal clothing, saying that she prefers less expensive labels such as Top Shop, which is her first choicer when it comes to shopping destinations.
“I just can’t believe what they do for, like, $70. I love that they make fashion available for all women. That’s why everything in my own fashion range Bitten is under $20,” Sarah told press.

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