Kristen Stewart Dotes Praise on Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart Dotes Praise on Robert Pattinson

Doting praise on her co-star, Kristen Stewart is thankful that Robert Pattinson achieved the part of Edward in the hit movie “Twilight,” saying that she cannot imagine another actor in the role.

Kristen recently told press, “Not to put down any of the other actors who came in, because they were really good, but everyone came in playing Edward as this perfect, happy-go-lucky guy. But I got hardcore pain from Rob. It was purely just connection.”

Pattinson attempted to get into his character. He took it seriously and studied Stephenie Meyer’s book.

When explaining ways he got into his role, Pattinson revealed, “I kind of tried to read the book from Edward’s perspective. He’s this guy seen through the eyes of someone who is completely, obsessively in love with him. So I tried to make a reality about it and take it to how he sees himself.”

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