Nicole Kidman Talks Getting Dirty and Sweaty

Nicole Kidman Talks Getting Dirty and Sweaty

Continuing on her Parisian promotional path for her new film “Australia,” Nicole Kidman was spotted outside the Georges V Hotel in the City of Lights earlier today (December 1).

The “Bewitched” babe looked classy as she exited her chauffeured luxury car sporting a black overcoat and a pair of sliver strappy heels.

As for her more-physicial-than-normal role in her new flick, Nic told press that she certainly enjoyed the change of pace afforded to her by the role.

“I got pretty good at cutting cattle, and I loved cracking the stock whip! It’s a hard thing for a woman to do, but I did it. I loved being dirty. I loved being sweaty in this film.”

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