Miley Cyrus: Photographer in the Making

Miley Cyrus: Photographer in the Making
Although Miley Cyrus’s photo shoot in Vanity Fair was extremely controversial, it doesn’t have the young star feeling any kind of regret. She even felt that the photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz inspired her to want to be a photographer.
“Everyone outside of America liked it a little bit more because that’s more like the style, but the States are really conservative,” Cyrus told the UK’s Daily Record.
The Disney actress was originally embarrassed when the photos were published last June and called it “a mistake.” Miley, now 16, was only 15 years old when she appeared in the magazine with a photo of only a blanket wrapped around her chest.
But now the “Hannah Montana” star feels different. “Guess I just had to deal with that and just realize that I got to work with an amazing photographer. She was amazing and so talented and her lighting…I would love to work with her again. But I realize I’m just a kid,” she explained.
Ms Cyrus has even discussed ditching performing so she can have a chance to work behind the camera.“That’s what I want to do with my life. I would love to be a photographer. I want to come to London to study. I hear there are some great art schools here so I would love to do that,” she said.
Additionally, Miley talked about her boy toy, 20 year-old underwear model Justin Gaston. “I’m surrounded by good-looking guys, the models, the actors, this and that, so it ends up not being about that. It ends up being about the personality and the way someone treats you,” Cyrus said.
Commenting about dating Nick Jonas in the past, Miley continued, “Also, being around so many actors, I feel a lot of people treat them really badly. If anyone treats people really sweet, then that’s what’s really appealing.”
And Miley’s parents feel the same way as her. “My parents are really chill with me until I give them a reason not to be!”

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