Miley Cyrus got her own tour bus so she wouldn’t have to share a bathroom

Miley Cyrus got her own tour bus so she wouldn’t have to share a bathroom

Miley Cyrus sure leads one incredibly privileged life. And I never get the impression that she appreciates it at all. Miley recently said she’ll never get married – but not for some moral reason. It’s because she doesn’t want to share a bathroom with a man. Which I’m sure she’d have to do if she were married, given her vast amount of cash and the widespread popularity of his and hers bathrooms.

Miley was so disgusted with people touching her makeup and her little brother combing his eyebrows with her toothbrush while on tour that she got her own separate bus, to keep the boy cooties away.

Miley Cyrus says she’s “never” getting married. The Hannah Montana star, 15, is currently in a relationship with underwear model Justin Gaston.

But Miley has vowed never to tie the knot - because she hates sharing a bathroom with the opposite sex.

She says, “I’m never getting married because I can’t take sharing a bathroom! There were five of us on the tour bus recently and we all shared one bathroom. I shared it with three boys, included my dad. It was horrible.

“I’d have all my make-up out and someone would put their toothbrush on top of it - that’s disgusting! Then my brother used my toothbrush to comb his eyebrows one day. I was like, ‘This is getting seriously ridiculous. I’m getting my own bus because I can’t handle this!’”

[From Showbiz Spy]

The horror of Miley’s life! You can see how makeup and toothbrush-based trauma would lead a lot of women into swearing off marriage. Because that’s the logical leap: “My dad and brother are gross therefore I will never marry anyone.” Something tells met that’ll fly out the window before Miley turns 19. Saying stuff like that is a reminder that she really is only 16. It’s just especially aggravating when the result of such immaturity is your own tour bus.

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